Yo-ho-ho - you did it!

Now let’s see if you’ve won some booty…

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How To Play

Ahoy there me hearties! ‘Ave we got a game for you with plenty of treasure to win!

Don’t be a lilly-livered land lubber… hit as many of those cranky crocodiles as you can before they get to the beach.

Simply move the cannon left and right, and tap to shoot. Watch out for the cast of Peter Pan as you go!

Yo-ho-ho, you can score bonus points if you hit the items from the 12 Days of Christmas song – all together now… and a bra that was made for three!

Simply score 100 or more for your chance to be in with a chance to win one of the fantastic daily prizes.

You can play as many times as you like on each of our 12 Days of Christmas (Mon 26 Nov to Fri 7 Dec 2018) but you can only win on the first game you play each day – so make it count and blast those crocs!

High Scores